A Slow Sunday Morning With Me

It’s Sunday, and I am probably still asleep, so you know I didn’t write or do any of the following things *today* but I am so organised that blog posts come out while I’m sleeping!  It’s now been about nine weeks since we’ve been in lockdown, with no brunch dates, coffee and cake runs or much to do, and I think we have established little routines that keep us sane. As a nosey person myself, who likes to peek into other people’s lives, I thought I’d return the favour and invite you to spend a lazy Sunday morning with me at home. 

Girl wearing a white tshirt

I usually wake up around 10 am except when I’ve had a lot of water the night before. Then, I’ll be awake at 8, desperate for a wee and trying to not completely wake up so I can go back to bed and hopefully finish whatever crazy dream I’m having. Simon likes to get up earlier, so by the time I open my eyes, he’s already in the other room, so I enjoy taking up the entire bed and scrolling on my phone for a while. 

Made.com bed

I’m one of those people who cannot function if I’ve not brushed my teeth, so that’s the first thing I do when I actually get up, followed by my skincare routine. On a Sunday, I make sure I don’t rush it and indulge in my quiet time with myself. I spend time giving my face and neck a nice massage before making my way to the kitchen for tea. 

Facial massage

Since we’ve not been able to go out for Sunday brunch for a while, and we tend to have fresh sourdough made by Simon in the kitchen these days, it’s time for avocado on toast. I never used to like avocado, but I think I’ve been converted and with the right amount of salt, tomatoes and lemon, I am very happy to have it on my morning toast. Or with just about every lunch I make hehe. Anyways, today I’m making my version of guac (recipe to follow but trust me it’s super easy!) and Simon’s on egg duty as I still need to wake up. 

Avocado and egg on toast

After breakfast has been eaten and everything has been cleared up and I can finally settle in my corner on the sofa, log onto Animal Crossing and put Grey’s Anatomy on. (We’re on season 3 at the moment and addicted!) If you want to come visit our island, let me know, so I can share a dodo code with you. 

Animal Crossings New Horizons Island Design

 I hope you enjoyed this little diary-like entry from me, if you did, I just might deliver another one soon πŸ™‚ 

Until next time! ❤



  1. May 24, 2020 / 1:12 pm

    Lovely post! your breakfast looks delicious!!! 😍

    • imkayya
      May 24, 2020 / 1:19 pm

      Thank you so much! It’s one of my favourite brunch options 😍

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