What to Do at Home During Lockdown

We’ve all been stuck inside for over a week, the pubs are closed and the UK government enforce strict lockdown measures. I don’t think I need to explain why we all know. Anxiety and uncertainty can literally be felt in the air, and the constant influx of news, however essential and important, is far from helping our mental well-being. Because you know, it’s scary stuff. If you’ve found yourself stuck between four walls during this lockdown, with no idea what to do with all this time, here are my ideas for some activities that will make your days a little happier, productive and generally interesting. 

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Call a friend

Call a family member or your best friend. When was the last time you spoke to a friend on the phone for hours? Not text, actually talk? I rarely had the time to do this before, but with being on lockdown at home all day, every day, I can finally catch up with my friends and have proper long chats with my parents. I’ve really enjoyed my long video calls with people. You can even add a glass of wine to the mix to make it fancy! 

Learn a new skill

Sign up for a Brit+Co class – they have design, business and art classes (and more) and you can sign up for free by using code “SELFCARE” at checkout. 

Play lockdown dress up

Put some fancy clothes on, have a little fashion show. You might even find some forgotten pieces in your wardrobe, so you’ll be doing yourself a favour. Facetime your friends and show off your outfits, or…

Take some cool pictures

It has been so lovely and sunny the past couple of days, which is the perfect situation for an at-home photo shoot. Unleash your creativity and take some fun pictures. You don’t even have to share them if you don’t want to, just have fun with it!

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If you have some paint and some brushes laying around the house, get creative. You don’t need to be skilled to create some pretty paintings, just try it. I like to search Pinterest, Instagram or my camera roll for inspiration.


I often find myself cooking the same dish over and over because I know how to, and it’s easy. With all this free time on my hands, I’m planning to finally try all these recipes I’ve pinned to my YUM board, and you should too! 

Stay active

Not going to work means my daily step count has dramatically decreased, so any type of exercise is welcome. Now, everyone likes different things, of course, so you can go for a (solitary) run or bike ride or join an online class. Have a look at the yoga classes my friend Melinda is offering, or if you’re into some heartbeat-raising workouts, head to Joe Wick’s Youtube channel and if you have little ones, PE with Joe is a great way to get them moving every day! Lots of PTs are offering free training videos over on Instagram at the moment too, so check your favourites. 


This is part of the stay active advice, but dancing is so much fun that it deserves its own point. Put on your favourite playlist (or Beth Sandland’s social distancing kitchen party one) and dance your socks off. It will make you instantly happier. 

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You know I love my podcasts, I even wrote a whole blog post about my favourite ones. Put on a show while you’re cooking/tidying or doing laundry, it will make your chores so much easier. 

Watch all the series you never watched before

Cable girls – binge-watch worthy Spanish series ft eye candy Martiño Rivas. 

Peaky Blinders – top British television, no joke

Love is Blind – if you haven’t watched this monstrosity, now is the time. It wasn’t as schocking as I was hoping it would be tbh

Or pick a director and watch all their films. We’ve picked Tarantino (we did start pre-corona tbh but now have time to actually watch more than one per fortnight) and it’s so interesting to watch them one after the other.

For more ideas, read Olivia’s post here.

Tidy up

I do not like tidying up and tend to put it off for as long as possible. However, boredom does things to us, and things get cleared up. A spice rack, a wardrobe, the under the sink cupboard. If you did one area a day, your house would be sparkling and very organised by the end of this week! 

Have a bath

Run yourself a bath, light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and just relax. It has been a stressful week, and you deserve some you time. Especially if you live with a big family/lots of flatmates, some alone time is healthy. 

Play some games

Our household is an actual game kingdom – from popular games like Pass the Bomb and Cards Against Humanity, to niche ones like First World Problems and Super Slow Sloths, we’ve got them all. If you have some games laying around, get everyone you’re locked in a drink and have a game night/afternoon/day! 

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Read a book you’ve been wanting to read. Then pick up another one from that shelf that keeps staring at you. If you’re looking for some inspo about what to read, here are three books I loved

Switch off

If the news have been making you anxious and you can, try to stay off social media and the news for a day, and see if this makes you feel any better. If it does, try to do it more often. Look after yourself! 

And lastly, be kind

To yourself, your loved ones and strangers. Offer help to those in need – maybe you can pick up a few bits from the shop for your elderly neighbour, or you can walk a nurse’s dog while she’s on the front line in a hospital. Or maybe just leave a kind comment to someone on the internet. You never know, you might just make their day. 

Stay safe friends!




  1. Hannah Louise Blog
    March 26, 2020 / 4:45 pm

    Some fab ideas here! I’m still WFH but need some ideas for stuff to do at the weekend, thanks for sharing x

    • imkayya
      March 30, 2020 / 3:55 pm

      Same here, but definitely have more free time so had to find some stuff to do 🙂 x

  2. abigailtalkabout
    March 27, 2020 / 9:00 am

    I’m definitely going to be tidying up today, going to do all those little places you always try to avoid! Great advice x

    • imkayya
      March 30, 2020 / 3:54 pm

      Ah glad you found it useful x

  3. Simon
    March 30, 2020 / 8:59 pm

    You forgot to add get Animal Crossing and experience island life from the comfort of your own sofa!

    • imkayya
      May 23, 2020 / 10:35 pm

      Silly me!

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