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If you are a newsletter subscriber (and if you’re not, SUBSCRIBE HERE), you’d know I have been completely obsessed with podcasts in the past year. They make my commute so much more pleasant. I even look forward to my long bus ride home, as I get save some cash, not be on the sweaty train and listen to something fun. Here are the five podcasts I’ve been recommending to everyone who asks (and anyone who’s within hearing distance tbh). I’d say there’s one for everyone, and please hit me with your recommendations too.

The true crime one

Crime junkie is probably one of the best true crime podcasts out there. With over 150 episodes, you’ll have entertainment for a while, but careful, because it’s addictive. They cover a variety of cases, form missing people, to serial killers, to mysterious murders, so it’s one for the real true crime fans. Each episode covers a new case, and if there are any developments, they make sure to follow up. They also have a very useful website with pictures and extra material, so you can really understand the story. Plus, they have an episode on the murder of Hae Min Lee, which any Serial fan would appreciate.

Note: It may make you triple check if your door is locked at night/ if you’re being followed in the dark/ make yourself an “in case I go missing” file. You have been warned.

The really funny one

Shagged, married, annoyed is hands down the funniest podcast I’ve listened to. Comedian Chris Ramsey (and Strictly 2019 semi-finalist) and his wife Rosie chat about their life, the annoying things that the other does (and sometimes even have little arguments on the show), answer the most ridiculous questions from their listeners and are not afraid to talk about poo (you and I both know these are gross but hilarious). It will 100% make your journey into work on a Friday morning much more fun.  

Note: you might get some looks when you giggle/lol on the train because sometimes it’s just impossible not to. Own it!  

Note2: Chris and Rosie are going on tour later in 2020, so if you’re after some extra lols, here’s your chance.

The history one (which is also funny)

You’re dead to me is a great podcast if you want to learn a bit about certain events in our history, but also want to have a laugh. Historian Greg Jenner is joined by a couple of guests (a historian and a comedian) for each episode, to discuss anything from the Spartans to the witch craze, to LGBTQ history. At the end of each episode, the hosts asks the comedian guest some quickfire questions to test their memory, and I like to try and answer them too, to see if I’ve paid attention. I’d say it’s worth the listen, even if it’s just to grow your list of fun facts you impress people with at parties (I’ve just revealed my secret party weapon).

The space one

13 minutes to the Moon 

I LOVED this, and then got into a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories, news reports, and all that jazz. The BBC world service podcast looks at the events leading up to the first men to walk on the Moon, and the very crucial 13 minutes just before landing. The show will keep you on your toes, even though we all know the mission was successful. And the best part is, you get to hear from the people who made it happen.

And if this wasn’t enough to make you want to listen, the epic music for the podcast is by Hans Zimmer. 

The investigative one

WeCrashed tells the story of WeWork, from its start to well, now. It’s a wild ride, and as someone who didn’t know much about the company, or its founder, Adam Neumann, I can tell you it is fascinating. From being a tremendous success, backed by the world’s most powerful investors, to having to lay off over 2,000 employees and basically bribe Adam Neumann in order to get him to step down as a chairman of the board, WeWork is one hell of a mess. But a great story. It’s only a six-part series, so you’ll basically get through it in a day.

I hope you found something you’d want to listen to. I’m constantly looking for new podcasts and would love to have a listen to your favourites, so comment below what shows you’ve been loving recently. Until next time! ❤



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