A Guide To the North of Corfu, Greece

Summer in Greece is a summer well spent. I learned this years ago when I first headed to the southern country at the back of my friend’s mum’s car. Growing up in Bulgaria meant Greece was just around the corner, and from when I was about 17, I’ve loved the country. And this summer, I got to share my love for Greece with Simon, who’d never been before. We spent five gorgeous days in northern Corfu and had the best time. And so, I bring you the northern Corfu travel guide, or how to spend a long weekend in Apraos.    Collecting pebbles in Kassiopi  Kristina is sitting on a boat in Corfu, Greece

Getting to & around Corfu

Getting to Corfu is pretty easy from London. It’s only a three-hour flight, which is good because I wanted to get there ASAP. We flew with EasyJet from Luton, but you can fly from wherever you want. 

Since we were staying at the north side of the island, which is about an hour away from the airport, we had decided to hire a car. Of course, I had nothing to do with this since I don’t drive, but what I can tell you is, choose a small car if you can. There are a lot of tight turns and tiny little roads everywhere, so navigating a giant SUV might be tricky. 

The drive to Kassiopi, which was the nearest village to our destination took just under an hour and was mostly by the coast, so I got my pretty views. 

Kassiopi, Corfu

Where to stay 

There are a lot of hotels, villas and guesthouses on the island, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. For this holiday, I wanted to stay somewhere quiet, which is why we chose the quietest little area in Northern Corfu – Apraos. Well, some call it Kalamaki, others call it Apraos, so pick the one you like more. It’s the same place. 

We stayed in Villa Petros. A beautiful family-run villa-style hotel with 8 rooms, and most importantly – SEA VIEW. Our studio had a fully equipped kitchen, a big comfy bed and a cute terrace which we made the most of. 

Kristina sitting on a balcony at villa petros, Corfu

Make sure to order some of their tasty toasties and yoghurt with honey and walnuts for breakfast and eat it outside as we did, you won’t regret it. 

toast for breakfast at villa petros, corfu

The villa is on the top of a small hill and about one hundred steps lead you to the beach. The first day we laughed at those reviews we’d read which complained about the steps. We did not laugh on the last day.

apraos beach, corfu

Where to eat

Apraos is a quiet area of Corfu, with only three tavernas along the beach. We were recommended Taverna Dimakos by the owners of the villa we stayed at, so we had dinner there on our first night and returned on our last night because we loved the food and the warm welcome we received there. 

In the day, you can buy drinks, food, and most importantly, ice cream from one of the beach bars along the sand.

We were prepared for the fact that there are no shops within walking distance, so we made sure to buy enough supplies (tomatoes, cheese and wine!) for the days we weren’t eating out. 

Lunch at Kastro, Kassiopi

If you fancy going to Kassiopi, you can find lots of waterfront restaurants, cafes and bars. We had lunch at Kastro kitchen bar and while the service was slow and not the best, the food was great and the view of the bluest waters made it worth it. 

What to do

As you may have guessed, Apraos is a very chilled area, so it’s the perfect place to relax, jump from the little pier and swim in the crystal-clear water.

Kristina is in the sea at Apraos beach, Corfu

Kassiopi is only a 10-minute drive away, and as well as restaurants and bars, you can find a small marina, lots of shops and pebbly beaches and beautiful sea views, so it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon while stocking up on snacks. 

Kassiopi beach, Corfu

Pipitou Beach, Kassiopi, Corfu, Greece

Pipitou Beach, Kassiopi, Corfu, Greece

If you fancy a day trip, you can drive to Sidari, where you’ll find Corfu’s famous Canal d’amour. Legend has it that if you and your partner swim in the canal together, you’ll be together forever. Cute huh? I’d suggest going early-ish if you want to bag a sun lounger on the tiny beach, as it gets pretty busy and you’d definitely need some shade from the burning sun. 

Canal d'amour, Sidari, Corfu

Swimming in the Canal d'amour, Sidari, Corfu

Another adventure option is hiring a boat. There are so many boat companies on the island, and it’s easy to find one close to you. We went for San Stefano boats, which is located in Agios Stefanos, about 15-20 minute drive from Apraos.

A boat in moored in Kouloura, Greece

We were shown our cute little orange boat and given a quick lesson on how to operate and dock it, given a map of the area and told not to cross over to Albania. 20 mins tops and off we were to sea.

Simon is driving a boat in Corfu, Greece

A girl Jumping off a boat in Corfu

Kristina & Simon on a boat

It’s a fabulous way to spend the day, there are numerous places along the coast where you can put your anchor down and go for a swim or snorkelling, and small jetties where you can moor up and have a walk/lunch/a cooling drink or whatever you fancy. Honestly, hiring the boat was the best money I’ve ever spent. 

Kristina is swimming in the sea in Corfu, Greece

Kouloura, Corfu, Greece

All in all, Apraos and northern Corfu are truly gorgeous and worth the visit, especially if you want to feel relaxed after your holiday. You won’t find busy nightlife or exciting bars near Apraos, but you’ll have endless sunshine, beautiful clear water to swim in and copious amounts of (fairly priced) Greek food. Name a better way to spend a long weekend in Europe, I dare you.

Happy travels ❤

Kristina is sitting on a boat in Corfu, Greece

Straw bag and hat, GreeceKassiopi, Corfu



  1. September 23, 2019 / 1:45 pm

    Wow Corfu looks absolutely beautiful! It looks like you had a lovely time! Thanks for sharing. (:

    • imkayya
      September 24, 2019 / 3:37 pm

      It’s stunning and we had the best time, thank you ❤️

    • imkayya
      September 24, 2019 / 3:37 pm

      It really was. The boat day was the best but everything was great to be honest ❤️

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