recent favourites, Glossier balm dotcom, glossier boybrow, avene gentle exfoliating gel, this works deep sleep pillow spray, charlotte tilbury hollywood lips

Recent Favourites

Can you believe three months of 2018 have already passed? It’s finally spring (if what’s happening in the UK right now can be called spring), the days are longer and I can finally wake up from my hibernation and become a bit more of an outside cat (but not too much)

Doing a monthly favourites post isn’t exactly my thing, but I think a quarterly one should work well – this way I have time to find things I truly love, really get to know a product before calling it a favourite and… well, not stress out about having to find new bits to talk about each month! So here we go, my first recent favourites for 2018!

We’ll start with beauty, because what else would we start with?!

recent favourites, Glossier balm dotcom, glossier boybrow, avene gentle exfoliating gel, this works deep sleep pillow spray, charlotte tilbury hollywood lips

First up is a little guy you’re already familiar with, because I’ve mentioned it a couple of times (here & here). Yes, it is Glossier Balm Dotcom in birthday. Just because it’s super hydrating and instantly makes my lips feel soft and a little sparkly! It was the perfect winter companion, saving my dry lips. I usually put a bit too much on my finger and tend to use the rest on my hands and I can assure you I have the softest knuckles in the world!

While we’re still talking about lips, let’s talk about the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Best Actress. I struggled a bit with finding the perfect nude lipstick – I felt like a lot of them made me look dead for some reason, but everything changed when I tried this one. I had it in my stash for a while and was a bit sceptical because it looked too light for my tanned skin, but then I finally put it on and instantly loved it. I already love another member of the Hollywood Lips family, so there wasn’t much surprise regarding texture and all that, but the colour is perfect for me!

charlotte tilbury hollywood lips review

Sticking with the makeup theme, and moving on to the second part of my face that I pay the most attention to – brows. And I’ve also spoken about this product before (here & here) and for a reason. Glossier Boy Brow I feel like ever since Glossier arrived in the UK last October, this product has been talked about so much by all the beauty editors, bloggers and just everyone! I mean, I understand why – it keeps my brows in place, it’s very compact and comes in either a clear, which I love or tinted version, which I am planning on trying next. If you’ve tried both, please let me know which one you prefer!

recent favourites, Glossier balm dotcom, glossier boybrow, avene gentle exfoliating gel, this works deep sleep pillow spray, charlotte tilbury hollywood lips

For skincare, I’ve been careful with trying lots of new stuff recently, because for some reason my face has become all fussy and it picky when it comes to new skincare. One product I started using at the end of 2017 and has definitely become a favourite of mine is the Avene Gentle Exfoliating Gel. It gently cleanses my skin and makes my face squeaky clean, smells amazing and it comes in the prettiest pink packaging. And as my skin has been irritable, the fact that this gel is packed with thermal spring water which seems to calm my face has been a huge benefit!

Last year, I decided to make sure I give my face a bit of extra love on the weekends, which also included introducing #FacemaksSunday on my Insta-stories, where my facemask elf Simon and I try different face masks each week. But the thing is, we kept forgetting to buy one, or I’d forget the one I was planning to use before going to his for the weekend, which was super annoying and never really did the whole thing every Sunday. And then I discovered Mask Time. It is a Korean sheet mask subscription box, which is the best idea ever because now I don’t have to go and buy facemasks, but have them delivered to my door! A monthly box costs £24.99 (includes shipping to mainland UK) and comes with 8-10 masks sourced directly from Korea, a leaflet giving you a bit of info about each mask, a Theme Card that talks about the current month’s theme and you get to learn a new Korean word each month. They also have special edition boxes like this one here – it was a Valentine’s Day box and a Glow Starter box – a subscription which costs £9.99 and includes four curated sheet masks and focuses on essential skin issues whilst adding a much-needed glow. If you want to try Mask Time and get 15% off your first box, use code ‘KAYYA15

Mask Time Review

Moving on to the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.  This is a product I’ve also mentioned before and I think I have become addicted to it. I spray it on my pillow before I go to sleep and then spend a little while searching for the smell all over my pillow. I’m pretty sure this is not what you’re supposed to do, but I love this smell! It’s a blend of lavender, vetivert & wild chamomile to promote rest and relaxation. I don’t instantly fall asleep when I put my head on the pillow because of this, but I think I’ve been sleeping better or deeper or something since I’ve been using it and I feel like I wake up feeling more refreshed.

This works deep sleep pillow spray review

Book favourite time!! I love reading books, and I mean real paper books. One I’ve absolutely loved recently is Amy Odell’s Tales From The Back Row. Amy was the US Cosmo online editor until recently and the book takes you through her years of working as a fashion journalist – she talks about the relationships with PRs, designers, meeting THE QUEEN (I mean Ana Wintour btw) and THE KING (Karl Lagerfeld) in such a fun and captivating way, I did giggle on the tube more than a couple of times. I’d definitely recommend this book, whether or not you want to be in the industry – it’s just such a fun and insightful read!

Amy Odell Tales From the Back Row review

Last, but definitely not least is my birthday present from Simon. Now, I know my birthday is in November but bear with me. So, back in November, he gave me a funky lunch box, and inside it was a voucher for a helicopter flight over London at night. We arranged the flight for January which meant that we had to wait for a bit, but it was worth it. It was such a cool thing to do, and the best part for both of us was seeing the top of the Shard from super close! London is always so pretty (unless it’s raining) and flying over my home at night was amaaaaazing! If you’re interested in doing it yourself or gifting the experience to a special someone, we flew with Heli Air, who were super lovely and helpful!

Aaaand this has gone on for ages, so I’ll wrap it up. These are the bits I absolutely loved during the past three months, and now I’m excited about new products and experiences!

Tell me what you’ve been loving recently and have a happy spring!

K ❤

*This post contains PR samples. All views & opinions are my own. To work with me, visit my contact page.

39 thoughts on “Recent Favourites

  1. Rachel Wong says:

    My skin is also super sensitive so I’ve been sticking to more gentle and natural Korean beauty products for my skincare routine. I’ve also heard so much about glossier but I currently don’t own any of their products! Maybe I need to give them a try!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nathalia says:

    That spray seems to be so amazing! I love having a good, relaxing nighttime ritual, and this seems like a great addition to it. Also, that lipstick looks gorgeous! I’d love to try it out as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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