Welcome, 2016


As you may have noticed, I have been away for quite a while. Um, again… And as you can imagine, I don’t really have a good excuse. Maybe saying that uni and work have been stressful could fool some of you, but we don’t want to fool each other, do we? Well, I am trying to get back on track now. I am busier than I was in the past few months and whilst procrastination has found its place all over my life in terms of coursework and studying, I felt like I needed to get back here and write about things that actually make me feel good, which SUPRISE is not my assignments.

It’s a busy year ahead of me, I will be finishing my BA, applying for a Masters and becoming more and more grown-up, which I can’t say I’m too excited about… but let’s see where it takes me!

Want to know what I’ve been up to the last few months?

Here we go!

In May, I fell in love with Paris when I visited with my best friend. I got a bit obsessed and went back twice after that.


Then came a wonderful summer in London, shared with my pals, before going back to Bulgaria.


Then when I went to Greece for a bit and on a quick trip to the Bulgarian seaside, which is always fun! I spent lots of time with my family and pals, and got a nice break before the third and final year of my BA started.


In November I turned 21 and had a blast of a birthday, which is exactly what I wanted. I may have woken up with a massive bruise on my hip, and I honestly don’t know how it found its way there, but oh well…


In December, I went to Norway AND it snowed, and it was adorable! I am currently writing my dissertation, so life isn’t as fun, but you know, work hard, play harder. fullsizeoutput_14ea

I spent New Year’s Eve with my best friend and another pal at a ski resort, but since we don’t actually ski, we spent our time annoying the skiers by walking around the lifts and slopes.


My 2015 was crazy, January 2016 has been a weird and long month but I am a little bit older and a little bit wiser, and I am looking forward to the adventures the new year will bring. Head over to my Instagram page and follow me so you can stay up-to-date with me.

I will be back very soon with exciting new content!

Kristina ❤


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