Levi’s AW15/16 Collection Preview


Happy Easter if it’s Easter where you are! It is here, but it’s not actually for me. The Bulgarian Easter is next week. So double the chocolate eggs for me. *yay*

Having in mind the massive denim trend this season, last week I got to go and see the AW15/16 Levi’s collection. I am a huge fan of all things denim so it was an exciting event for me. And because I am meant to be studying and preparing for exams now, I decided to wake up early and go first thing in the morning, so the showroom was empty and the lovely lady told me everything about the collection.

Now I can honestly say winter is my least favourite season because it’s cold, one has to wear a million layers to maybe not freeze to death and everything is grey and dark. But I’d allow winter for about 2-3 weeks a year (around Christmas) because I like my cosy jumpers, warm jackets and lots of hot chocolate. Just for a little bit though. Anyways, Levi’s has a lot of these to offer for next season (cosy clothes, not hot chocolate!) My favourite pieces were a super-soft white jumper, a pair of black jeans from the 701 collection and a handy small leather bag. Other than this, the Made & Crafted pieces are pretty awesome, with quite a bit of leather elements, perfect for day-to-night outfits. The black leather shorts from this line would be a great piece to wear to a night out, in combination with one of the *secretly* warm denim jackets.

The Commuter line is perfect for the life of a busy Londoner – the water-resistant fabrics the pieces are made of is a dream for anyone who cycles (or walks) a lot around this beautiful (but rainy) city. Just imagine if all your jeans would be dry at the end of a busy day (I’m so getting a pair, even though I don’t cycle).







All in all, I find the pieces for the next season really nice and worth checking out. We can all at least look awesome for the majority of a good 5-month winter.

Now, enjoy the beginning of a new life – Spring is here and everything is blooming and waking up after a long winter sleep. Have a lovely rest of the long weekend 🙂

Kristina ❤

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