Squirrel hunting

To celebrate the sunny day, I got out of bed fairly early for me on a Sunday – at about 11 I was already having breakfast. A quick phone call and a very hot shower later, my friend and I went to the lovely Greenwich park. I hadn’t been there in a while, because it was too cold for me to spend time outside of home unless it was absolutely necessary. Not that I am saying I didn’t feel a bit cold today. But just the fact that I was out for a few hours, wearing a leather jacket means the winter is slowly going away. And this makes me SO happy.



Recently I’ve been loving the all-black-everything look but as it was such a  lovely day today, I decided to incorporate a pop of color in my outfit. A little bit of pink always makes everything better. As you know, I am a lover of the no makeup look, so all I had on my face today was moisturizer and my favorite pink lipstick. And my beloved Ray Bans.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES  I was so excited that I am out in the park, that I had a little dancing session. Because why not? Well, maybe the park was pretty crowded and a few dog walkers were a little bit surprised by my enthusiasm, but hey, I am allowed to express my joy. 

Jacket – Forever 21

Jumper – Betty Barclay

Leggings – Bershka

Bag – Stradivarius

Boots – A Bulgarian brand??

Scarf – Primark

Untitled-3 In conclusion, to justify the title of this post, here’s a squirrel.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe made friends with this little guy and fed him mini pancakes. I love feeding them, they are so so cute and make me laugh.

So even though I didn’t to almost any uni work these few days (bad Christina!), I am quite happy with how I spent them and can’t wait until the next weekend!

Have a lovely week, I am off to a bubbly bath!

Christina ❤



  1. February 8, 2015 / 8:46 pm

    OMG squirrels are adorable. haha They always run away from me though. lol

    I love the all-black-everything look as well, but because I have really dark hair like you it makes me look semi-gothic, especially if I use heavy eye makeup. So I have been put off by it recently.

    The nomakeup look is an absolute favorite of mine; while I love makeup because it’s tremendous fun and outlet for creativity, I think everybody looks better without makeup.

    I really enjoyed your post, keep it up. I’ll be sure to look around your blog, as your style is really appealing too!


    • imkayya
      February 8, 2015 / 8:57 pm

      Thank you so much.
      We had food and took us about 20 minutes of standing still to make them come close ha ha 🙂 and if I was a squirrel I wouldn’t say no to pancakes LOL
      My dark skin looks awesome in white (uhm, *low self esteem*) but I just love wearing black. Especially recently..
      And I am too lazy to put makeup on, so the natural look works perfect for me haha

      I HAVE to say Thank you for the kind words, I am off to check out your blog RIGHT NOW!

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