January Round Up

Happy February!

All in all, for me January was a pretty bad month. I had to say a lot of goodbyes, was ill twice and the cold is just killing me… I’m not going to go into details but I’d just say I’m happy it’s over and I am not ill anymore, after two weeks of bedtime.

What’s not over is the cold and miserable weather. I love London but it’s so depressing in the winter months, just like every other place in Europe actually. If you have ever been here during spring and summer, you’d know how lovely it is – the parks are all full with people, it’s sunny (if we’re lucky, which we were last year) and warm. It’s the best time to be in London. It’s not boiling hot and you can wear a variety of outfits. Whereas winter is the worst time for me – my fingers and nose are always cold, it’s grey and rainy outside and I cannot deal with the depressing view out of the window. My garden is crying for the spring sunshine. I am too.

Now let’s take a look at what helped me get through this cold miserable month, what I liked and what I will miss.

First of all, let me start with the song!  I wasn’t sure which one to choose, so I listened to all my favourite songs from this month and it was clear. I am absolutely obsessed with Ellie Goulding’s “Love me like you do”. On repeat. All day, every day!

The show? As you may know, all TV shows go on break in December and return in the middle of January. I am one of these girls who love staying in bed to catch up on all shows in one day. Recently, I don’t

have a lot of time so every week or so, I dedicate an afternoon to Ben and Jerry’s and shows. My January favourites would be Revenge and Reign. Don’t even get me started, so much stuff has happened, OMG!

revenge___season_3__poster____net_by_emreunayli-d6ruo0md993c6f974b1b45644882e54ef4d6e7cThe hot water bottle. This thing is a life saviour. It is the best thing to have in your bed during this time of the year (if there’s a boyfriend there – even better). Mine is from John Lewis and it’s grey and fluffy – just like my cat. It feels like cuddling my lovely kitten and it is awesome!


Tea on the go. Or any hot drink on the go. I’d left my to-go Starbucks cup back home in Bulgaria but the last time I went I somehow remembered to take back to London. I am so happy I did this because now I can enjoy my favourite hot drink anywhere, especially on my way to class, and there’s something in my hands that keeps me warm at least for a little while.


The bag.

We met in House of Fraser, and we instantly fell in love. We have been together for a month now. Haha, I am not joking, this bag is so lovely. The only problem that I have is that there’s just one compartment inside so stuff gets lost. Other than that, my new Love Moschino bag is the perfect accessory for me – and it fits so many things!


Candles.They just add a little bit of warmth in your home. I have them all over my desk, as this is the only place in my room where it’s safe to put them. Tea candles, massive ones, scented ones – I light them regularly when I am in my room and they make it very cosy and nice while the wind is blowing and the rain is pouring outside.


Last but not least… THE FRIENDS!

They are those people who make me laugh and understand my stupid moaning and listen to my ramblings. They are the people who can make me leave my warm bed and go out into the cold world to grab some food and have a laugh. Especially when you live away from home, your friends are your family. Appreciate them and be thankful. I want to tell all the people who are next to me in this lovely city and to the ones far away – thank you for being there! I love you!


That’s it from me… You let me know what got you through the month of January!?

I wish you all a nice month, I hope it brings you joy!

Kristina ❤



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