2014 Update

As you may have noticed, I’ve been gone for.. let’s not get into details and just say “a while”.
Well, now I am back.
Hopefully for good.
If not you can just come, knock on my London door and be like “Kristina, get your s*it together!”
So… where have I been?
Last year I moved to the UK to go to university and become a grown-up, and it has been crazy, amazing and exciting.
I’ve settled, I know how to almost not get lost in London, I know I should stand on the right when going up and down the escalators, I am used to the weird “wrong side” driving, the crazy-polite (and sometimes crazy-rude) people, the amounts of tea and the rain (which is not pouring 24/7 btw).

Sept 2013

And for a while now I’ve been thinking to go back to writing and not abandon it when I get busy with uni work.
So here it is – my comeback post! I won’t tell you what I’m planning to write about, I’ll surprise you 🙂
But I promise a lot of new and hopefully interesting for you content, tips, tricks and just random stuff when I feel like it.
If you guys want to know what have I been up to feel free to click here and go to my Instagram page!

Come with me and share my journey!
You’ll hear from me very very soon!

Kristina ❤

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