Makeup party

Last Saturday I was invited to attend a makeup party. We were going to see a presentation about some products and get the opportunity to try them on.
I liked the idea, invited one of my friends and so when the day came, we turned on the GPS navigation on my phone, found the right street number and entered the cafe, where the party was supposed to be.
A few lovely ladies were there, waiting for others who were invited to come. When finally everyone arrived, the presentation started.
It was a German cosmetic company, called LR Health and Beauty systems They have high-quality cosmetics, raw natural products for their production, containing cleaning products, lotions, makeup, perfumes.. even jewellery

So they had to choose one of us to sit in front of the others and be the one who was going to try the products on her face. They chose my friend and started cleaning her face. Her skin, like mine, is a bit dry, so they used aloe vera products. I tried them on my face and I was very satisfied with the effect. My skin was visibly cleaner, hydrated and fresh.

Then a makeup artist put makeup on her face. It was light and bright, suitable for her age and skin.
It was finally my turn for makeup, and as I was going out in the evening, mine was a bit darker.
I was very impressed with the quality of the makeup they have, because it lasted more than 12 hours on my face, as perfect as it was in the first place.
So if you want to try some amazing products –  try those and let me know what you think.





Kristina ❤


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