Welcome to the diamond life:)

So I  finally turned 18 last week. *YAY* But my week has been busy, this is why I’m posting this today. I had a party, my IELTS results came and I had to do some school work…

My awesome London-themed birthday cake:)

Have you noticed how when it’s your birthday people are *always* nice to you, they wish you all the best, they smile at you and try and make your day nice? Everything is colourful, happy and positive. And on the next day, things are like it never happened. So you should enjoy YOUR DAY as much as you can, it only happens once a year.

I have to say, my day was amazing, my friends at school gave me a jar of Nutella with a candle (cute!) and helped me carry all my flowers around all day. Treated like the queen I am is what I live for.

Later, I had lunch with my parents, who gave me a new phone, then my family came over to celebrate. It’s always nice that everyone comes together, and mum and I share a birthday, which makes it even nicer. My very cute little cousin sang happy birthday to us and it was OH SO CUTE!

On Friday, I had a big night out with all my friends, and it was, of course, the first one I was not sneaking in the club. And who doesn’t love a good party?!
It was so fun and I am so happy I have such wonderful friends. I hope you all find as good friends as I have.
So this is basically it, I just could not miss sharing my joy with you.
I have the best friends and family who gave me the nicest presents

Here are some photos from my party:)

Kristina ❤



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