I had my first tattoo done about 5 months ago and I am so happy I did it. This was a dream of mine, so when it became reality it was amazing. It wasn’t as painful as I thought, the guy who made it did an amazing job. The excitement this day was at it’s highest, maybe the adrenaline and the joy covered a part of the pain. I don’t know, I can say that when he finished the last word I was ready for another one, the feeling was great. At first I wanted it on my back, written in Persian but I changed my mind about the placement, then there was no one who could translate it to Persian. It was then translated in French and done. The guy who made it saw the text, made the perfect font and then it took him around 40 minutes to ink me.

This day I woke up with this song right here(ink my whole body by wiz) 

and this was my day soundtrack. Maybe I overdosed with caffeine – I had two coffees and a Red Bull. But it was just because of excitement.  
I don’t regret making this tattoo, I love it, I believe it’s pretty and what it says is very important to me – it says ‘you may not love me, you may not like me, but you will respect me’ . This is like one of the most important things about me – respect. So this will stay close to my heart forever, I want my kids to see it, and to KNOW that they should be RESPECTED! 

And if someone tries convincing me that I will regret this when I grow older – they are wrong, this is something meaningful and important for me, so I will always be proud of it and I can’t wait till i’m 18 for my second ink. 

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